Stacy Neubauer

Stacy Neubauer, CEO at Harlan County Health System

Stacy Neubauer

Department: Board Member


Stacy Neubauer, a native of Franklin, NE, is a dedicated healthcare professional and the current CEO of Harlan County Health System. Her journey in the healthcare industry began after graduating from Franklin High School when she pursued her passion for furthering her education and enrolling at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where she was planning to study to become a teacher and quickly realized differently and change her major to nursing. When her life changed directions, she relocated to Alma and then changed her school of choice to Central Community College to get her Licensed Practical Nursing diploma. She then went on to get her associate degree in nursing, becoming a Registered Nurse through the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD.

As a young wife and mother, Stacy demonstrated remarkable determination, working her way through to obtain her bachelor’s in healthcare management and then on to graduate school to earn a master’s in healthcare administration from both from Bellevue University. Her educational background laid the foundation for a successful career in healthcare management.

Stacy's professional journey includes a significant tenure at Colonial Villa Good Samaritan Society, where she accumulated valuable experience over the course of 23 years. Her dedication and hard work propelled her into the position of Administrator, showcasing her leadership skills and commitment to the field.

In 2020, Stacy's expertise caught the attention of Harlan County Health System, leading to her recruitment as Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operations Officer. Recognized for her achievements and leadership qualities, she was appointed CEO of Harlan County Health System in September 2022, a role she continues to excel in.

Stacy Neubauer is not only a seasoned healthcare professional but also a strong advocate for achievement and continuous learning. Her skills extend beyond management, as she is adept at mentoring and building effective, collaborative teams. Outside of her professional life, Stacy enjoys boating, sports, and proudly serves as the official Neubauer taxi service—an illustration of her commitment to both her family and community.