ruralMED Health Cooperative membership is available to Critical Access Hospitals thatare locally owned and/or maintain local control of business practices.

Access to Core Services

Annual membership dues provide members with access to the core services offered by the ruralMED Health Cooperative:

Policy and Procedure Templates and Best Practice Resources

Gain access to guides, policies, procedures, and best practice documents that can be used to update and add to your facilities’ current set of resources.

Grant Writing

Our grant writing services allow our members and non-members to take advantage of financial funding to support their facility and communities.

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Market Share Analysis and Reporting

We utilize a market share analysis software to run custom reports to help identify market trends, including outmigration and referral patterns.

Communication Liaison for updated regulations and important updates

This monthly communication includes important regulation changes, grant opportunities, announcements and key data that affect our member facilities.

Revenue Cycle Operational Assessment (One-Day On-Site)

ruralMED provides our members with a one-day on-site Revenue Cycle Operational Assessment. Our experts will discuss goals and set a scope for the visit, prepare an assessment with recommendations, and outline next steps.

Clinic Operational Assessment (One-Day On Site)

Our members receive the option to schedule a one-day on-site Clinic Operational Assessment to receive recommendations and next steps based on the focused target areas and scope set with a pre-visit meeting.

Managed Care Contracting Advisement

With the membership dues, you can set up a meeting with our team to discuss the current state of managed care contracts at your facility and gain access to helpful tips and tricks of managed care contracting.

Rural Health Advocacy

We are committed to supporting rural health and use our voices to make an impact on increasing rural access to high quality, cost effective care.

Quarterly Department Forums

Through membership, you and your team leaders gain access to join our department-specific forums. Our format creates an opportunity for leaders to come together to discuss best practices, brainstorm, and network.

Strategic Partnerships

As a member, you gain access to our strategic partnerships that fit our mission and vision in supporting rural healthcare.